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American Tribal Style® Belly Dance

  1. What is American Tribal Style®?

    Everything you ever wanted to know about American Tribal Style® is here:

    And while you are there, check out the rest of their website, it's loaded with awesomeness! :)

  2. Who are the who's who of ATS®?

    1. FatChanceBellyDance®

    2. Devyani

    3. Ghawazi Caravan

    4. Manhattan Tribal

    5. Red Lotus

    There are Sister Studios all over the globe.  Tribaleyez is working on becoming one!  However, Devyani is the official partner of FCBD®;  Ghawazi Caravan is the premiere Sister Studio; Manhattan Tribal is also a premiere Sister Studio; and Red Lotus is a FCBD® sister troupe.

  3. Are there videos I can watch?


    This comes as a warning: If you want to see other ATS® troupes in action, just type American Tribal Style® Belly Dance into YouTube's search engine, and you will be held hostage by the beauty of ATS® for days.  Make sure you have plenty of water and food supplies at the ready ;)

  4. What about lessons? What is the format?

    A. Level 1:

    Consists of six 1 hr. lessons, which begin with a short warm up, a moving meditation, instruction, drilling.

    This level will likely have to be repeated, possibly more than once. There is a lot of information, and skill to acquire, in order to prepare you for moving on to Level 2. Jumping forward before you are ready will cause you to be frustrated, and potentially take the sparkle out of dancing.  As Carolena often says, "You are never so good that you can abandon Level 1."

    B. Level 2:

    Consists of twelve 1 hr. lessons. I encourage Level 2 students to continue taking Level 1 classes, most experienced dancers take Level 1 classes as often as possible.  You can use the Level 1 class as your warm up time, and review. It will help to make you a solid dancer.  Most of us spent a long time in Level 2, and again, we continue to take classes at that level whenever possible.

    C. Level 3:

    This level is ongoing, as there are a wealth of moves, and intricacies with which to play, and expand upon.

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